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Post Hardcore Rock N Roll...FOR THE PEOPLE

Storm Boy is an Olympia, Washington based band that is focused on leading with joy and doing so with enthusiasm, bravado, and emotion. By bringing together elements of nearly 50 years of punk rock n roll tradition- the swagger of the New York Dolls, the energy of the Sex Pistols, the emotional awareness of Fugazi, and the energy of IDLES, Storm Boy is focused on creating, as one critic called it, “confident, indulgent, fist throwing, beer cheers-ing, movie climax moment” experiences for listeners and attendees.


Chas Roberts

Boyish and Bubbly

All riffs, all the ding dong day

Chas not only knows how to play guitar behind his head, but also spent time as a (semi) professional wrestler.


Jackson Portwood

Calm and Supportive

Jack is like Travis W Redfish in that he can build electircal marvels out of things found on the side of the road. Definite keeper.


Jeremy Anderson

Silly yet Serious

Need someone to add the puns to your farmer's market pop-up sign? Hold Jeremy's fizz.

"Every once in awhile, it feels good to listen to something aggressive and a bit in-your-face. That’s exactly what you get...from Storm Boy.

"Storm Boys' point of view is defined through a rebellion that leads the band to dissociate itself from those bourgeois canons that are imposed on us from the day we are born and it does so with vigorous conviction and consistency."

"Storm Boy is energetic, exhilarating and exhausting (but in a good way). This talented artist has a nostalgic flair, but he innovatively meets that with a contemporary punk blast."


Storm Boy is the soundtrack to wild nights...so let's have some wild nights together

OCT 27

w/ Electric Sweats, TBD



NOV 24
Misdemeanor Meadows

w/ Cahoots, One Drink & Other Lies




Those ear holes aren't gonna fill themselves! And while we're at it...there's also somethign for those eyeholes too!

Hot Lisbon Nights

3 Song EP

the Minute We're Born

3 Song EP

It's the Mess that Makes Us

4 Song Demo



Want us to bring the rowdy to you? or just want to say hello? or something else? Send us a message below. Do it. Do it. Do it.

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